1. I am Pro Life.

2. I am 100 percent in support of the second amendment and oppose any form of gun registration.

3. Rapists and child molesters will be aggressively prosecuted and sentences increased and enforced. The same applies to sex traffickers.

4. I will seek to repeal that law on Seniors that taxes their social security benefits.

5. Everyone is entitled to be safe at all times and places.

6. Elder abuse must be halted and the abusers appropriately disciplined.

7. I fully support our legal system and law enforcement while recognizing that things can be improved.

8. I am opposed to government spending increases and am committed to spending decreases.

9. Everyone is entitled to a free education by qualified teachers who follow established curriculum and do not impose their value systems and beliefs on their students.

10. Health care should be available to all at a reasonable price. Pre-existing illness clauses should not be allowed in the initial insurance purchase.

11. We need to maximize benefits to employment and seek to make Minnesota an attractive place to do business. Business owners should be able to put their money directly into growing their businesses rather than pay it to the government for redistribution.

12. Deaths resulting from opioids and drug abuse must be reduced. You, the residents and taxpayers in the State of Minnesota, and I will work together with the members of the Legislature to achieve the above goals. We will, and must, work together to make Minnesota great again.


- Lance Justin Johnson grew up in Zumbrota, Minnesota

- He currently lives at Woodbury, MN and is married to Jan Johnson

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- Lance’s personal history as an attorney is marked by his outstanding career in addition to
serving the citizens of Minnesota:

- Served as Associate at Pemberton Michaels Bishop Seeger and Rosenblad

- Practiced Law with emphasis on real estate and small business transactions as well as
representing children in selected cases

- Holds a Minnesota Real Estate Brokers License

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- Served as Special Assistant Attorney General assigned to Insurance Division under
Attorney General Douglas Head

- Served as Commissioner of Securities under Governor Harold LeVander

- Successfully argued several cases before MN Supreme Court

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- Served on District 197 School Board

- Member of the Woodbury Lions Club & Chamber of Commerce

- Served as Optimist Club Charter President

- President and Board Member Caribou Lake Property Owners Association

- Served as Board Member Luther Theological Seminary

- Nominated and successfully helped elect the first and only woman president of the
Minnesota Real Estate Exchangors

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